“Mobile” by Avril Lavigne

When I was in middle school every girl in my group of friends wanted to be like her. I was her biggest fan. When I got the CD I took my CD player and laid on our livingroom floor listening to it trying to copy down the lyrics so I could memorize them. I would replay and rewind until I thought I got it all. I still listen to her and I still feel like I can relate to her. She felt like she was down to earth when I was in middle school. There are still a few of her songs that I hold near and dear to my heart, even today.

I liked her so much that when we had free dress (we had uniforms at my middle school) I would wear a flannel around my waist just like her. Do you have an artist that you looked up to in middle school, a song that really spoke to you? Comment and I will give them a listen.


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