Now that summer vacation is TOTALLY over, and by totally I mean like almost two months ago, it is time to let my loyal readers know how I did with my summer goals. As a recap, I set out to accomplish three goals. And if I did it then I would save the money to go get my hair done the way I want, for my birthday in January. I worked really hard on these goals and tried to keep my readers up to date on how I was doing. Well…. I DID IT! I smashed my goals. My goals were as follows:

  • To read more books than my daughter so she would have the responsibility of making sure we have clean towels on a regular basis. She isn’t too happy about losing and is determined to beat me next year (bring it on child J), but has admitted that making sure we have towels and that they are folded and put where they belong isn’t as easy as mom makes it looks. So I got 2 goals accomplished on that war front. Commence happy mom dance!
  • Another goal was to complete two summer reading challenges through my local libraries. One required me to complete 10 hours of reading and the other was to complete 30 hours. Got them both done within the first month of my goals. I enjoyed doing it but would rather keep track of how many books I read versus the amount of time I spend doing it. So I might not do it again next year unless they do it differently. But I enjoyed it none the less because I LOVE to read.
  • My last goal, and probably the most challenging, was to get 21 items done on my list. Most of the items where house stuff. Like mounting my full length mirror on the wall. Finally putting pictures up after being in our new home for a few months. Others where more tedious work like putting together my military binder so all my paperwork was in one place and can be found. Going though ALL the pictures on my laptop, making sure they were organized and then putting the ones I wanted printed on my Walgreens account to print when a sale comes up. There were some big ones to get done that I waited until last minute to do. Those included organizing all my husband’s work paperwork so even he could find it without asking me where it was, and to organize all my past college class papers. I organized those by quarter, then by class. That way I can find them if need be.

I am so proud of myself for getting them done. I haven’t been this proud of myself since I gave birth to my son and bought a house. It feels amazing to set out and get such a long list of stuff done because as any parent can relate getting things done with small children can be hard. But I did it! And it didn’t run my entire summer, I was still able to have fun and relax with the kids.

Now my next goal is to save my own hard earned money so that I can get my hair done in time for my birthday. I will get it cut and dyed the way I want, but still be professional. I have a couple ideas in mind but not set on anything just yet. Guess I should get started on my next goal… until then… ME!


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