Fall Quarter!

Fall quarter has begun, well it began almost a month ago but I have been swamped with life that I have not been able to tell you guys about it. Good thing I waited because I have good news. I am doing AMAZING in all my classes. I am taking Human Resources, Human Relations & Leadership, and Business Math this quarter. I was able to get two classes online and one on campus twice a week in the evening. So it has been working out pretty well. I am enjoying my classes because they are challenging so it keeps me on my toes. And for someone who has always sucked at math, well, I am carrying a steady A in my business math class. I actually get asked to help my fellow classmates. And boy does it feel great. My teacher is awesome and not stuck up like my other math teachers.

I am learning a lot in my Leadership class that will help me develop my self-concept and change something about myself for the better. It has also helped me realize some of the issues my husband is having in his workplace, it is almost like my personal case study.

My human resource class is the most challenging, not because it is hard, but because there is a lot to it and sometimes it relates so closely to my leadership class that I forget what I am studying. That’s a good thing right?

I am doing pretty good on balancing school and life this quarter. I got smart and scheduled Monster’s swim lessons on the same day as my evening classes. That way I wasn’t running around 4 out of the 5 days in the week. So two days a week are dedicated to swim lessons and class with a few minor things in between, like laundry and my Pampered Chef business. Once a week is when I do my errands and shopping, that way I have two days I can focus on homework. I don’t even schedule things on those days, it is a chance for me to stay home and do nothing but homework and for my son too lazy around the house. And I try to do all my homework during the week so I don’t have to do homework on the weekends. That way I can spend time with my family without worrying if I turned something in on time or not. So far I have had to only do homework once during the weekend, it was for my Human Resource class and things are due every Sunday for that class so I couldn’t let it wait.

I have also been good at making sure I put a lot of effort into my work and turning it in on time. Overall, Fall quarter is going pretty good and I hope I can keep up the momentum. It will be over before I know it.

Thankfully I have been able to keep up on household things while having a full schedule and course load. I think the only things that have suffered is the laundry. I get it all washed and dried but I don’t always get a chance to fold it (story of every wife’s life), so I compromise by making sure it is sorted out. Monster’s clothes go in one basket, Husbands work clothes go in another, all socks have their own basket. Lastly all other clothes go in one basket and towels in another. I have been pretty lucky not to have to do towels because my oldest has the responsibility for about another week, it was my reward for winning our summer reading challenge.

Overall things are going pretty good. Nothing to complain about, yet. I haven’t needed to escape to the library to do homework yet nor leave early for school. But it is still early in the quarter. Time to keep up the momentum and get to really starting my day. Until next time… ME!


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