“Perfect” by Simple Plan

It is funny that I post this song around Christmas because I remember getting this CD for Christmas. I also remember that this was the theme song to every kids life. We all felt like we weren’t good enough for our parents. That all we did was let them down. Now that I am an adult I feel like this song belongs to my kids sometimes. That we put too much pressure on our kids because we don’t want them to fail, either because we love them or everyone judges us, or maybe a little of both. I strive to let my kids know that I love them and that I will be here for them, while still trying to raise them to be good adults later in life. It is a struggle everyday to find that happy medium, and sometimes we never reach it. This song is on my playlist because it was my anthem growing up (and sometimes I feel like it still is), and I know it is the anthem to every kid in every generation. I hope you like it or can relate to it.


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