Changing Times

It is funny how life works out sometimes. Like, you think you know what you want to do and you’re on that path to achieve it, but things start to happen and you feel like you are losing it all or it is all falling apart. You think and feel this way because you are used to it, just when things are becoming normal or they are good, life gets turned upside, usually for the worst. Not this time!

Over the past two weeks I have been trying to decide whether I wanted to give up my blog or not. I never have time to write (even now I am doing this instead of studying my business law notes), and the only books I get to read are childrens books or school books. And I don’t even want to talk my fitness journey, that has been set on a far back burner that I can barely see it. I was almost ready to write my good-bye blog when we got news from the Financial Aid at my school. Apparently, I won’t be getting very much and the awards I do get are mostly student loans. My goal was to get my Associates without student loans unless I was at the very end (which I am, I have 6 classes left). After three more days of discussions, obsessions over the “what if’s”, and plenty of options I had I finally concluded. I am going to take a year off from getting my degree.

I am educationally tired, I have been going to college, being a stay at home mom, balancing other activities, and trying to build a business for three years. This mama is ready for a break. So, this is my plan. I am going to take a year off from school. In that year, I am going to be looking for a home-based job I can do on top of my Pampered Chef business, this way I am helping bring in money (having a tight budget is starting to get the better of us), I am going to work in my yard to finally get it where I want, take care of the house and family and all that it entails, and… I am going to try and blog more.

I am kind of excited for it, a little nervous as well because I don’t know what the future holds and I have been going to school for so long that homework is all I get done during the day. Now, I am not going straight to work because my son is only in half-day preschool and the costs of childcare is not something we want to add to our plates now, that is why I am looking for something that allows me to stay home. Once my son starts kindergarten I will get looking for full-time work and trying to finish my degree.

I am hoping that this route will lift some of the stress on the house because it is starting to get the better of all of us and that is no fun. I am hoping you can join me in this new journey. I have a few weeks left in this quarter, after that I will be trying to pick up my blog some more. I am sorry to my loyal followers that I have not posted anything. As I progressed through my degree the classes became more demanding, just this quarter I am taking Payroll Taxes, Business Law, and Intro to Project Management. I barely find time to do much of anything past homework. But now there is a light at the end of the road.

The more I talk about my plan the more relived I feel and the more excited I get. I am ready to put down the school books and focus on my family and my house. Join me in that adventure and we can explore it together. Keep a look out because at this time next month I am hoping to post more often. Stay tuned!


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There was a time in my life where I could not wait until I was twenty two. I couldn't imagine life after that because I was so focused on reaching my favorite number in age. Then something amazing happened to me. Shortly after I turned twenty two I got together with the love of my life. I had been dreaming of being with this man since the day I met him, and at sixteen I decided I wanted to marry him one day. Well, six months after we got together we married. A year after that, our son was born. So here I am, married, and with three children (he had two daughters prior to getting with me). And it occured to me one day, the reason why I couldn't see life after twenty two was because my life was meant to start over, and I wouldn't trade this life for anything. I write in this blog to let others know that step moms do have a voice, and to let everyone know that moms are not just robots, we have likes and dislikes, things we love and things we wish we could change. And of course, there are the hardships to being a parents. I will share all that and more on my journey of finding out what this new life has in store for me. Please enjoy!

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