Summer Goals 2017

Well, Spring Quarter is over, the kids are out of school and we are officially in the swing of our summer routine. As I was sitting trying to figure out what I was going to do this summer is occurred to me that I should do summer goals again. They worked out great last year and I figured it would be a great way to get caught up on things if I have something I am working towards. So, I sat down and thought of 16 goals. I know I am late writing about these but better late than never, and I am super excited about them this summer.

I wanted to be able to challenge myself this summer, not make the goals so easy that I got done with them quickly, but not so hard that it was impossible to reach them. My goals are as follows;

  1. Rearrange Ethan’s room
  2. Put up new filer
  3. Have filer empty before school starts
  4. Have 3 Pampered Chef parties
  5. Lose 10 pounds
  6. Get Summer Clean list all done
  7. Read 5 books
  8. Get front yard all done & back yard 50% done
  9. Have read Ethan 100 books
  10. Make 25 Blog Posts
  11. Buy the girls a new bunk bed
  12. Get all the bills transferred into Excel
  13. Visited every Pierce County library within 10 miles of house
  14. Organize all my recipes, new and old
  15. Catch up on all my sewing
  16. Watch & Finish 5 series on Netflix

As you can see there are easy ones like reading 5 books and buying a new bunk bed, but there are also hard ones like losing 10 pounds and making 25 blog posts. I have to really work towards my goal, which is to be able to buy one item out of the Pampered Chef catalog that isn’t for my business, but for my own personal use. Though in all honesty I will probably use it for my Pampered Chef business, but it will be something off my Wishlist. It is not going to be easy to achieve all these, but I am going to work extremely hard! I will post when I finish a goal and to give a general weekly update on how they are going.

I started these goals on the 19th of June, figured it was as good a day as any since it was my sons last day of school, and the end date is September 7th, the day he goes back to school. Plenty of time to be able to achieve all these goals. I have gotten a few done already.

I rearranged Ethan’s room. He wanted a new bed, and I wanted him to have a bed I could make (not easy getting on the top bunk these days) and that I could see him in. So, I found this cool bed on Facebook Marketplace that I had ironically been looking at when I was at Ikea a few days prior. Well, with a new bed in meant a lot of change. I went through all his clothes, got rid of baby toys and broken toys, and made his room look cool. And OH, boy does that kid have a LOT of trucks and Hotwheels. It took me four days to do but it got done and now ALL his toys are in his room and not spilling out into the hall. Now I am trying to teach him to put away his toys when he is done.

Another goal that I got done is putting up a filing system on my wall. I always have a ton of papers to file and my work stuff gets in with the house stuff then I forget it’s there. To make my life a little easier I figured I would get a filing system that I could just drop my papers into until I was ready to file. That way it clears up space on my desk and it won’t take long to sort everything and file it away when filing day comes. Getting this on the wall was a goal because I bought the filing system in January. But now it is done and being used, and I LOVE it.

Those are the goals I have done right now. The other ones are going great. I have read Ethan 10 books, I have finished 1 book, I have 1 party booked for July, and I have a plan on blog posts to do. I still have to book 2 parties, figure out how many libraries are in my area, make a plan to visit them and start my workout routine so I can lose 10 pounds. I think the weight loss is going to be the hardest because I love food and I tend to gorge when I am bored or emotional.

I am so excited to be working towards something. And I am equally excited to see if I can achieve all my goals this summer. So, stay tuned to see how I do! Until then… ME!


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