My Son

My son turned four years old this week. It is hard to believe that I have kept a human alive for that long. And I love watching him grow. He is always coming up with the funniest things, always playing with his toys, and loves to meet new people. Since his last birthday he has grown so much. We got him into developmental preschool to help with his speech and we have seen a dramatic change. Now we can understand him 75% of the time, and he is still trying to say big words like ridiculous. He even got invited to a birthday party for a kid from his class, his first one that isn’t family or one of my friends’ kids. He is so excited for it.

I wanted to write about my son today because watching him grow has been the most amazing thing I have ever gotten to do. And I get to see him all the time. He is so smart and I can’t wait to help him expand his knowledge and love for all things. The kid would live in the water if it were possible. He loves Monster Trucks, Fire Trucks, Planes, and Trains. He has his routines he likes to stick to and oh boy if you don’t help him follow it.

It amazes me the things I see from him. At the same time, it saddens me because not all parents get to stay at home and watch their children grow. They must go to work to earn a living, and to them I applaud, that can truly be a hard thing to do something. Then it makes me mad because people have children and don’t care. There are families out there who want to have children and can’t, yet there are parents who have them and shouldn’t.

Makes me want to snuggle my Monster all day long (we usually do it in the morning). I feel very blessed to have my son, to be able to watch him grow, and that he is overall a good kid. I know there will be a day when the cuddles stop. When he just wants to hang out with his friends. I know there will be a day when I must ground him for skipping class, or for bad grades. But until then, I am going to enjoy watching him bounce around the house (even though it makes me dizzy), I am going to re-watch cartoons until I can recite them upon the opening scene, and I am going to chase him around the house trying to get him to pick up after himself. Because I am going to miss it when it is gone. I hope you can share in my joy as I write about my adventures with my son. So, stay tuned!


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