Progress Report #1: Summer Goals

I wanted to give you an update on how my Summer Goals are going. And, it is going slow. I am not sure why I am dragging so much! I am motivated to achieve my goals but I haven’t found the drive yet. But, I have made some progress.

There is one Pampered Chef party on the books for this weekend. She is one of my regular Hosts and I’m excited for her party because she usually has a great turn out. And July’s Host Special is double free products. So, once her party hits $650 in guest sales her free product doubles to $230, which means she can get a lot of the stuff that is on her wish list.

I haven’t started my workout routine but I have been making sure I am active during the day and watching what I am eating. Tomorrow the routine starts and I weigh myself to see where I am. I am excited for this goal because it would mean a lot to lose the weight. I must get on the workout routine.

There are 15 items on my Summer Clean list. My daughter and I got one item done this week. I needed to lift my bed, clean under it, then rotate it. There were not as many cat toys under there as I thought there would be. But there was so much hair that it filled my vacuum cleaner.

I finished 2 books so far. Both by Marissa Meyer and part of the Lunar Chronicles. Fairest: Levana’s Story and Winter. Both are AMAZING. She does have one more in the series called Stars Above and I will be starting that one tomorrow. The books where great and nothing less than heart wrenching. Keep a look out because I will be posting a review on both books in the coming weeks.

I have read Ethan 28 books total so far, and I checked out another 54 from the library today. I even have a few “chapter” books to read to him that I think he will like. My goal is 100 so I am on track with this. I read about 4 books to him every day but if I start reading to him at naptime and bedtime again then I can knock this goal out of the water by exceeding the 100 books.

I am up to 5 blog posts but I have a plan to up that. Including the updates I give on my Summer Goals (about every two weeks), I am going to write about the adventures I go on with the kids and try and do some of the prompts I see from a blog that I follow, so keep an eye out.

I almost have all the bills transferred. Now it is just the major bills and to make sure everything is updated. Then this goal will be finished.

Started visiting libraries this week. I need to make a list of all the libraries and then start marking them off. Went to the one closest to the house today, it is the one we usually go to but they have made some changes inside and we wanted to check it out. Next week we will be going to the one in Lakewood.

I am slowly working on the recipe reorganization. I have gone through all my recipes on Pintrest, all I need to do now is go back over and put a review up on the ones I decided are keepers. Next spot is a folder of recipes I take out of magazines. My family is loving the new recipes I am doing.

I got done with 1 Netflix series, and I tell you what… I can’t wait for season 6 to come out. I watched Orange is the New Black. I LOVED it. I am not going to give any spoilers out in case any of my readers watch it but DANG! If you have a Netflix show you would like to share drop it in the comments because I am on the hunt for another.

As you can see the goals are slow going but at least they are going. I am hoping to have a better Progress Report in two weeks when I give another update. Like always, if you have a book or Netflix series you like then drop a comment and I will check it out. So, stay tuned!



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