Progress Report #2: Summer Goals

That time again to report in on how I am doing with my Summer Goals. I am glad to say that I am making a difference in the list. I am not sure I will get everything done on my list, but I am sure I will get 90% done, and I will be happy with that. I will make this short and sweet since the list is long.

I have had 1 Pampered Chef party, and it went great. Still open for orders so we will see where it goes.

I have lost 2 pounds, which is huge, since I still haven’t started the workout plan. But I am getting better at watching what I eat and being more active during the day.

My daughters and I have gotten 6 out of 15 items done on the Summer Cleaning list. So, we are about half done. Some of it I must do on my own and the others we are waiting for the oldest to get home so we can all do them together. Gets the job done faster.

I am almost done with my 3rd book and about half done with another. I got word from my oldest that she is up to 4 books, so I must start focusing on reading.

I am up to 42 books on my goal to read 100 to my son. I have a few chapters books going so it will be nice when those are done as well. I read 4 during reading time and a chapter or two are nap time and bed time. That is the one goal that is making great progress.

I just got done transferring ALL my bills into excel, which prompted me to make this post a few days early. It was hard work but should be easier now, just must stay on top of the input.

I am up to 6 Blog Posts, including this one. I have a few planned so that number will go up soon.

I have a total of 3 Netflix series done. Greys Anatomy and The Ranch are the newest ones. Next, I am going to work on 13 Reasons Why. I have it started and want to finish it. I think I am on episode 5. Once that one is finished then I will start on some series that are in my Wishlist.

Goals are overall going great. I am working hard on finishing them so I can brag. Hopefully when I report again I have a longer list of “done”. Stay tuned, because there is more to come!


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