A Little Girl No More

It’s funny how time hits you when you’re not looking. I was scrolling through my Facebook when a notification popped up that I had memories to look back on from years prior. I am usually curious so I gave it a look, and boy was it an eye opener. In it were four years of “first day of school” pictures of my oldest daughter. Boy has she grown. And it doesn’t matter what we have gone through, she is always smiling in those pictures.

She has grown up so much and I am so very proud of her. She was loved by everyone in elementary school (I began dating her dad when she was in the third grade). She did wrestling in middle school, even placed first in her weight class. Then in the middle of 7th grade we moved to a new house in a new school district. It was the first time she had ever had to change schools, she was nervous on her first day, but she made a friend and now they are best friends.

Now she is off to high school and I couldn’t be more scared. I know that growing up is something she must do, and I support that. But I also know that time is going to go by so much more quickly now. Before we know it, she will be going to her senior prom and graduating.

She wants to go into the Air Force when she graduates, it’s been a dream of hers since she was in the 4th grade.  So naturally, she is doing the Air Force JROTC program at her school. I couldn’t be prouder because I was in the same program in high school, though at a different school.

And as I look back on all the years that have gone by, I can’t help but think how amazing she is. I know I don’t give her near enough credit. She has helped with her little brother when I was too tired or worn out and my husband was doing something else, or being stubborn. She tries she best to make sure that I am ok, that her dad remembers my birthday and gets me gifts for various occasions and holidays. And even when I am wrong or she knows I am having a bad day she will sit and let me chew her out. Later she will come and clear things up or I sit and reflect then go and apologize. She is so incredibly patient. Our relationship is not perfect, but it is ours.

I try to teach her important life lessons. How to cook, clean and take care of a house. I guide her through the hard times and join her in the good times. I know it is 4 years away but I am going to miss my daughter when she graduates and moves. I am going to try and be more attentive to the good things she does and give her praise for them while still being strong and sticking to my guns on others. I am going to tell her how beautiful she is and not to settle for less than what she deserves in a man. I will hold her when she cries and dance with her when she is happy. And I will find new and funny ways to embarrass her when I can while still being goofy with her.

These next few years are going to be hard but great, and I can’t wait. So, stay tuned and take the journey with me. Until then… ME!


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