Who is me?

Who is me? Well isn’t that the question of the day, well more of the last couple years.  From what I have discovered I like to read, write… damn isn’t that the normal. So what makes me different? Since I was little I have always dreamed of being in the military (accomplished halfway), working in a restaurant (tried it out), but most of all I have always wanted a family. Success, and to top it off I married the man of my dreams. Well most of my dreams, but I know no one is perfect but my man is pretty close.  We got married six months after we got together, but before you judge to close I have known this man for 14 years. I even watched both his daughters when they were little. Either way I got what I wanted.

But I am more then just a wife. I like to read books that take me out of the reality.  The ones you know aren’t true so you can escape into their world. I also like to write, though I haven’t done it for people to read in years I do keep a weekly journal. I also like to clean, weird I know, but when I have a clean, organized house I am at peace.  When I am feeling down I deep clean, so there was a time when my stove was always shiny. I love to fly, take off and landing our my favorite. I could go into more detail, like what my favorites are and what not but to be honest…

I am turning into a better me.  Since becoming a wife and mom and I have changed a lot. I gave up a life to start another, and though somethings stayed a lot is changing.  Like I LOVE wearing camo, even if it is not in style. So I guess we will all find out who I am as you travel with me in this journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read my writings.  Taking this ride with me in a world where things are consistently changing. I hope you enjoy it.


6 Replies to “Who is me?”

  1. Hope you don’t mind a new Follower. With Writing 101 ending I wanted to get around to visit everyone and follow who I could . . . and liked.
    Much Respect


  2. Hello,
    Your blog is great! I recently realized on my own journey that creating goes much further than finding. We always have the option of creating ourselves whether it’s from adverse situations or when we’re not happy with certain aspects of our lives. It’s especially cool when things that are not planned play out so smoothly in front of us. I with you the best of luck with your journey and your creations. 🙂

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