Fall Quarter!

Fall quarter has begun, well it began almost a month ago but I have been swamped with life that I have not been able to tell you guys about it. Good thing I waited because I have good news. I am doing AMAZING in all my classes. I am taking Human Resources, Human Relations & Leadership, and Business Math this quarter. I was able to get two classes online and one on campus twice a week in the evening. So it has been working out pretty well. I am enjoying my classes because they are challenging so it keeps me on my toes. And for someone who has always sucked at math, well, I am carrying a steady A in my business math class. I actually get asked to help my fellow classmates. And boy does it feel great. My teacher is awesome and not stuck up like my other math teachers.

I am learning a lot in my Leadership class that will help me develop my self-concept and change something about myself for the better. It has also helped me realize some of the issues my husband is having in his workplace, it is almost like my personal case study.

My human resource class is the most challenging, not because it is hard, but because there is a lot to it and sometimes it relates so closely to my leadership class that I forget what I am studying. That’s a good thing right?

I am doing pretty good on balancing school and life this quarter. I got smart and scheduled Monster’s swim lessons on the same day as my evening classes. That way I wasn’t running around 4 out of the 5 days in the week. So two days a week are dedicated to swim lessons and class with a few minor things in between, like laundry and my Pampered Chef business. Once a week is when I do my errands and shopping, that way I have two days I can focus on homework. I don’t even schedule things on those days, it is a chance for me to stay home and do nothing but homework and for my son too lazy around the house. And I try to do all my homework during the week so I don’t have to do homework on the weekends. That way I can spend time with my family without worrying if I turned something in on time or not. So far I have had to only do homework once during the weekend, it was for my Human Resource class and things are due every Sunday for that class so I couldn’t let it wait.

I have also been good at making sure I put a lot of effort into my work and turning it in on time. Overall, Fall quarter is going pretty good and I hope I can keep up the momentum. It will be over before I know it.

Thankfully I have been able to keep up on household things while having a full schedule and course load. I think the only things that have suffered is the laundry. I get it all washed and dried but I don’t always get a chance to fold it (story of every wife’s life), so I compromise by making sure it is sorted out. Monster’s clothes go in one basket, Husbands work clothes go in another, all socks have their own basket. Lastly all other clothes go in one basket and towels in another. I have been pretty lucky not to have to do towels because my oldest has the responsibility for about another week, it was my reward for winning our summer reading challenge.

Overall things are going pretty good. Nothing to complain about, yet. I haven’t needed to escape to the library to do homework yet nor leave early for school. But it is still early in the quarter. Time to keep up the momentum and get to really starting my day. Until next time… ME!


Well, I did it. I survived Spring quarter, and my grades are the best since I have started. I got a B+ in Accounting (94.41/100 on my final), B in Management, and an A in Customer Service. That was by far the hardest quarter I have had so far. I am hoping Fall quarter won’t be as brutal. I have Business math, Human Relations and Human Resources. I am really excited for it, but am thankful for the summer break I get. Financial Aid will only pay for 3 out of 4 quarters of the year, I was able to go to summer quarter last year because I hadn’t started in the fall like everyone else. So I am taking advantage and taking the summer off. I was beginning to feel a little burnt out, with going to school none stop for over a year. I am determined to have as laid back a summer as I can.

I am so glad I made it through this quarter. I proved to my kids with hard work and determination you can pass the hardest of classes. I am so close to getting my Human Resources Certificate that I can taste it. I hope that with this summer break I can come back renewed and ready for whatever comes next.

Testing Anxiety

The last time I remember being so anxious for a test that I had to go home was in the third grade. We were getting ready to start some state tests and I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to fail. Then I was thinking of what would happen if I did fail. I also remember that they sent me home that day.

A lot has changed with testing for me since then. I do breathing exercises. I try and be nothing but positive when it comes to the test. I do the responsible thing (or try to) and get lots of rest and eat something good before a test. But I feel like this quarter has thrown that ALL out the window. It isn’t so much as this quarter, more like a certain class. Yup, accounting 201.

That class gets me so nervous. And as we go along in the class it is getting harder and harder, well duh right? But my fear is that I will not be able to retain all that information.  So I study, and study, and study some more. I have not studied this hard for some since my IB History class in high school. My first exam was not too bad, I got a 39/50. But this one really threw me for a loop. I swear I did it all right, but of course everyone feels that way when they take a test. But then we were all sitting outside the class waiting for testing to be done and my classmates started asking each other how they think they did and if their balances came out even and what they got for their balance.

Mine was way different than theirs, but it did balance. This test was on adjusting entries and closing accounts. So of course after talking to my classmates about the test it had me extra nervous. I was no nervous about this test that I have had horrible gas, and I thought for sure I was going to vomit when I was at my mom’s.  Even my husband must have picked up on it because he willingly gave me a pep talk, telling me that I will be fine.  And usually I have to tell him to tell me I can do it and that I am just overthinking it all.

Which is what I am sure I did on this test. Because when I took the second half of the exam online today I felt pretty confident in it. I am really hoping we find out our results tonight, because I am not sure I can handle waiting a whole week to see if my grade is going to plummet or not.

I hope I am just over thinking this test and everything will be fine. I did all the studying needed and I went in there prepared. I just really want to get a good grade in this class and say that I did it without failing. I guess we will see when I go to class tomorrow. Until then… ME!

All Coming Together

I feel like it is all coming together now. All my classes are making sense and are starting to blend.  I was doing my Management homework and at one point I couldn’t remember if I was doing that or my Customer Service homework. And as I read through it all I can see where Accounting comes into play. I am not sure how I feel about this yet. One part of me likes it and the other is afraid that I won’t be able to retain it all… or I will get information mixed up when I am taking tests. But I can’t be all bad. If I can see the relations between them all then that must mean, I am doing something right. So I guess I can conclude that I like how they are all starting to blend together. And like always I am excited to see what comes next

Now to give you an update on this quarter. I know I have not posted but MAN my Accounting class is super demanding, and every time I think I am caught up I forget something. But I am more than happy to announce that I have found my groove. And if I stay focused, on track and determined that I can succeed. This last week is proof of it. it also helps that I stopped over loading my plate and did what I knew I could do.

As a result, I am carrying a high B in Management and Accounting (test/exam scores kill me there) and in Customer Service I have an A.

In Accounting I can do Journal Entries, prepare income statement, statement of owners’ equity and a balance sheet. This week we are working on adjusting entries and closing accounts. I need to spend some time and put together a study guide so I can refresh my mind on normal balances for accounts and what not. I get mixed up or forget a lot of the time, so I need to fix it. I am enjoying my class and my instructor is actually pretty funny. Sometimes it can be hard to understand him but it just means I am totally focused during class. Also, my partners are pretty cool and like to be involved in class so it helps to be surrounded by people who are determined to get an education.

My other two classes are online but none the less demanding. My Customer Service class is pretty easy. I just have to stay on track and remember due dates. Last week I lost four points on my test because I was two days late in taking it so it got docked 10% each day. But it taught me to be aware of due dates and stay on top of them. Now my goal is to take my test as soon as I get the chapter read. My Management class is still my favorite, and not because I have had that instructor before.  He demands a lot of us and I love it. I have work to do for that class almost every day, the only time demanding part of it is the chapter reading. Otherwise it is pretty easy. And I love that he comments on all the assignments, makes me feel like he really does read our work.

Overall this quarter is not going so bad. I have not missed a single class for Accounting, nor have I been late. I get there early and do more Accounting work. We are only 4 weeks in and still have about 6 weeks of instruction and 1 week of exams. Sorry to my loyal readers for my absences, I try and write as often as possible. Until next time… ME!

Next Quarter Please!

WOW I didn’t think I was going to survive the end of last quarter. But I did. In fact, I survived enough to pass all my classes. I got an A- in my Computer Excel class, a B+ in Intro to Communication Studies, and a C+ in Math. The grade in Math doesn’t surprise me, I completely bombed my final and the last test we did I didn’t do too well on either. But I passed enough that I won’t get dinged by financial aid, which is a fear I have every quarter when I have a difficult class. Winter quarter is over and we are now onto Spring Quarter. Which brings on a whole different set of classes and fears.

This quarter I am really getting into classes that will help my degree. I changed up my educational plan a couple weeks ago to really get a handle on what I need to do to get to where I want. Come to find out I was on a path that didn’t work for me. Now I am, long explanation short I am getting my Associated in Applied Science for Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. I feel rejuvenated to know that I am on the right path. And with that being said my classes for this quarter are; Principles of Management, Customer Service, and Accounting 201. All these classes will finish the certificate I need for Human Resources.

I am beyond excited but I am equally terrified. The class that worries me that most is Accounting. This is because I watched my math partner struggle with it all quarter. And I happen to have the teacher she had, and she says that he is really tough. To add onto all that, this class is in the evening twice a week. So I can’t miss any class, and while I was reading the syllabus I found out that if I miss or am late to three classes then he automatically drops our grade… a whole letter grade. So I am nervous because I live twenty minutes away from school and I have to rely on my husband and our oldest to get home to watch Monster. I guess that is the part that worries me the most.

But I am excited for the other classes, it will be interesting to take them because they are online. Which gives me more time at home with Monster so I can get him potty trained, but that is a whole different story and a set of frustrations. Well, I guess that is it for now. I am glad I got good grades last quarter and I am excited to start the next quarter, which starts on Monday. Stay tuned for the excitement of next quarter. Until next time… ME!

Finding a Balance

In the spirit of getting into a routine and back to writing, I am going to do my College Mom post Tuesday. Since the last time I wrote a College Mom post things have changed. My grades went up in all my classes, I found a new friend in math class. I had gotten to class really early one day and needed somewhere to sit until class started. Almost everywhere was full, or if it was a single person at a table they made it clear they didn’t want a mate because they had stuff all over the table that made it impossible to sit. Just as I was getting ready to give up and sit on the floor I spotted a girl from class.

She and another girl sit in front of me during class. And I have been wanting to make a friend, so I took the plunge and asked if I could sit with her. One thing after another and we are sitting together before class helping each other with homework. I found that my scores went up because when I would get stuck I had a partner to ask for help, instead of just going with a lower score. It has made a world of difference.

But that is not the only difference. I have kids, she doesn’t. I am married, and she isn’t. I own my home and she lives with her parents. And through some talking I found out that she isn’t even drinking age. I suddenly found myself feeling like I was the older mom looking for someone to make me feel young or cool again. Mind you; I am only twenty six. While she was talking about going to the movies I am across the table talking about the latest milestone Monster has passed. It gets really awkward when we don’t have anything in common to talk about, other than class that is.

Regardless of this difference I still like having the study partner. I just need to find a way to connect, to find a balance. That way if either of us needs the other in later classes we can call for help. This is because we are both on the Business track so we are likely to have some more classes together. So even though we can’t connect on a personal level, we can still connect on an educational level. And I am fine with that.

It is nice to have someone in the same class that you can bounce ideas off of and help with homework. Makes the class better and hopefully helps the grades. So I am going to enjoy it while I can, because you never know when you might need help with an assignment at eleven at night.


My loyal readers, I am sorry (once again) for going MIA. I have been busy unpacking boxes and going to school. But as of yesterday I unpacked the last box for the house. Now it is just making sure everything is in its place, and putting up pictures. Next we will go into my husband’s garage and sort through things that need to go into storage. I am still renting a space, but the goal is to put everything into tubs so it can go into our little storage shed. Also, my husband is ready to use ALL of his garage. Should not be to hard to do in a couple hours. The hardest part will be taking them to storage.

On top of the household stuff I have been going to school. Thankfully I got a break in math, meaning the material my professor is teaching is stuff I either pick up quickly on or I already know it. So I have been able to relax a little. My computer class has been falling behind because it is self paced, so I have not been working on it, and now I really have to cram it in cause the quarter is almost done. My Communications class has been going great. We finished our group projects and I got a pretty good grade on it. Now it is just wrapping things up and studying to take the final. I am excited for the quarter to end because I am even more excited to take my classes for Spring.

I am a little nervous about one class but I am sure I will do fine. I have two online classes and one class in the evening twice a week. But I am excited to take these classes because now that I have my degree on track and I know for sure what I am working towards I am beyond excited to get started on it. Good things are in store for our family.

Monster is doing great in his swim lessons. We are to the point where I am not needed in the pool. The last two weeks I have been sitting on the side of the pool, and he hasn’t really noticed I am not in there. Then last week his teacher said that I could try not getting in at all. I am going to take my swim suit though, just in case. I have confidence that Monster will do fine though, he really likes his teacher and he thoroughly enjoys playing in the water. I am excited to see his progress, and I am not as sad as I was in the start because I know that him growing up is what is needed and there will be other things I can do with him, or things that he will need me for and I look forward to it.

As you can imagine with all the things going on I have not been able to read much. Sadly I have fallen behind in that category. Though since I am going to focus on potty training Monster next week I have been reading a potty training book. Once I finished it, I will post a review. I am still reading the health book, just very slowly. And speaking of health, I haven’t lost any weight, and I haven’t gained it either. I have restarted the squat challenge for a third time now.  I am currently on day four. Now that the house in unpacked I can form and get into the groove of a schedule. Also, with only one class on campus next quarter I can workout before/after swim without having to rush. And my kids hooked up the Wii Fit board so I can check that out. Even my husband is trying to find a Zumba disk I can use at home. I truly excited for it all.

I think that about covers it. Life has been busy, hectic and wonderful. My disk is uncovered and organized now so I can sit here and write all day if I wanted and not have to worry about putting it away. But for now I have to go… Monday is swim day. Oh and one last thing… it just occured to me that I have had this blog for a whole year now, so Happy Blogiversary to me! Thank you my loyal readers for sticking around. More to come later. Until then… Me!