Changing Times

It is funny how life works out sometimes. Like, you think you know what you want to do and you’re on that path to achieve it, but things start to happen and you feel like you are losing it all or it is all falling apart. You think and feel this way because you are used to it, just when things are becoming normal or they are good, life gets turned upside, usually for the worst. Not this time!

Over the past two weeks I have been trying to decide whether I wanted to give up my blog or not. I never have time to write (even now I am doing this instead of studying my business law notes), and the only books I get to read are childrens books or school books. And I don’t even want to talk my fitness journey, that has been set on a far back burner that I can barely see it. I was almost ready to write my good-bye blog when we got news from the Financial Aid at my school. Apparently, I won’t be getting very much and the awards I do get are mostly student loans. My goal was to get my Associates without student loans unless I was at the very end (which I am, I have 6 classes left). After three more days of discussions, obsessions over the “what if’s”, and plenty of options I had I finally concluded. I am going to take a year off from getting my degree.

I am educationally tired, I have been going to college, being a stay at home mom, balancing other activities, and trying to build a business for three years. This mama is ready for a break. So, this is my plan. I am going to take a year off from school. In that year, I am going to be looking for a home-based job I can do on top of my Pampered Chef business, this way I am helping bring in money (having a tight budget is starting to get the better of us), I am going to work in my yard to finally get it where I want, take care of the house and family and all that it entails, and… I am going to try and blog more.

I am kind of excited for it, a little nervous as well because I don’t know what the future holds and I have been going to school for so long that homework is all I get done during the day. Now, I am not going straight to work because my son is only in half-day preschool and the costs of childcare is not something we want to add to our plates now, that is why I am looking for something that allows me to stay home. Once my son starts kindergarten I will get looking for full-time work and trying to finish my degree.

I am hoping that this route will lift some of the stress on the house because it is starting to get the better of all of us and that is no fun. I am hoping you can join me in this new journey. I have a few weeks left in this quarter, after that I will be trying to pick up my blog some more. I am sorry to my loyal followers that I have not posted anything. As I progressed through my degree the classes became more demanding, just this quarter I am taking Payroll Taxes, Business Law, and Intro to Project Management. I barely find time to do much of anything past homework. But now there is a light at the end of the road.

The more I talk about my plan the more relived I feel and the more excited I get. I am ready to put down the school books and focus on my family and my house. Join me in that adventure and we can explore it together. Keep a look out because at this time next month I am hoping to post more often. Stay tuned!


Now that summer vacation is TOTALLY over, and by totally I mean like almost two months ago, it is time to let my loyal readers know how I did with my summer goals. As a recap, I set out to accomplish three goals. And if I did it then I would save the money to go get my hair done the way I want, for my birthday in January. I worked really hard on these goals and tried to keep my readers up to date on how I was doing. Well…. I DID IT! I smashed my goals. My goals were as follows:

  • To read more books than my daughter so she would have the responsibility of making sure we have clean towels on a regular basis. She isn’t too happy about losing and is determined to beat me next year (bring it on child J), but has admitted that making sure we have towels and that they are folded and put where they belong isn’t as easy as mom makes it looks. So I got 2 goals accomplished on that war front. Commence happy mom dance!
  • Another goal was to complete two summer reading challenges through my local libraries. One required me to complete 10 hours of reading and the other was to complete 30 hours. Got them both done within the first month of my goals. I enjoyed doing it but would rather keep track of how many books I read versus the amount of time I spend doing it. So I might not do it again next year unless they do it differently. But I enjoyed it none the less because I LOVE to read.
  • My last goal, and probably the most challenging, was to get 21 items done on my list. Most of the items where house stuff. Like mounting my full length mirror on the wall. Finally putting pictures up after being in our new home for a few months. Others where more tedious work like putting together my military binder so all my paperwork was in one place and can be found. Going though ALL the pictures on my laptop, making sure they were organized and then putting the ones I wanted printed on my Walgreens account to print when a sale comes up. There were some big ones to get done that I waited until last minute to do. Those included organizing all my husband’s work paperwork so even he could find it without asking me where it was, and to organize all my past college class papers. I organized those by quarter, then by class. That way I can find them if need be.

I am so proud of myself for getting them done. I haven’t been this proud of myself since I gave birth to my son and bought a house. It feels amazing to set out and get such a long list of stuff done because as any parent can relate getting things done with small children can be hard. But I did it! And it didn’t run my entire summer, I was still able to have fun and relax with the kids.

Now my next goal is to save my own hard earned money so that I can get my hair done in time for my birthday. I will get it cut and dyed the way I want, but still be professional. I have a couple ideas in mind but not set on anything just yet. Guess I should get started on my next goal… until then… ME!

It’s Almost DONE

There is an amazing feeling you get when you finish a project. A feeling of accomplishment, of pride, of joy. You feel all those things because you finished something all by yourself, you set your mind to something and got it done. And if you are like me and you seem to never finish anything then those feelings are overwhelming. Well … I am almost to that point.

At the beginning of my summer “vacation” I set out to finish 3 goals. To read more books then my oldest daughter. To finish two library reading challenges. And get a list of 21 items done that I don’t have time to do while I am in school. I am here to update you on them, and I will tell you what… I am SO proud of myself.

Goal One: Read more books than my oldest daughter. I know this goal sounds a little mean but it is a way to motivate my kid to read cause in the end she gets something she wants, if she has read more than me. And as she gets older I raise the stakes and work harder because I don’t want everything to just be handed to her. Well, she is really working this summer. I have 8 books read this summer so far. Yup… EIGHT! I can’t remember the last time I read that many books. And if you follow my blog then you get to see the reviews. I have been working hard on reading. I have listened to half the books and read the other half. But man oh man I LOVE reading. And I LOVE the fact that I have the time to read, I even find time to read my Monster a chapter book and other childrens book. We have a little over a month left of our challenge and I am not slowing down now. For those of you who are just tuneing in… if my oldest reads more books than me then she gets a video game or console controller. But if I win then she has to do towels for a whole month to understand how frustrating it can be to do them every week.

Goal Two: Finish 2 Library Reading Challenges. I finished both of them. I got the required 10 hours done for my city library pretty early in the summer. I got the 30 hours required done for my county library a couple weeks ago. And when you finish a certain number of hours you get tickets put into a drawing, and I won a free book from the library. I chose a James Patterson book that I have been wanting to read. It is the beginning of another series.

Goal Three: Get 21 items done that I can’t get done during school. I am almost done with it. Last time I reported I had a little under 10 left to do. Now I only have 2! And those are mainly paperwork type items. I feel GREAT that I have been able to get it all done. If I can get it all done before the month is up, then I will feel even more great then I do now.

This summer has been amazingly productive. Of course we haven’t done a lot of things together as a family but that is because we have been so busy every weekend. And when we do get a weekend of nothing we want to do just that… nothing. But there is still a lot of summer left and it doesn’t have to be summer to go camping or go to the beach. Well, that is where I am at with my goals. It feels amazing to get things done and feel productive. I hope this is a good start for other things. Until then…ME!

Update on Summer Goals

Hello my faithful readers and to new followers. I wanted to update you on how my Summer Goals are going. I am very happy to say that they are going amazingly. I am two weeks into my challenges and am very proud of what I have gotten done.

To refresh your memory my goals where to read more books than my oldest daughter so she would have to do laundry duty for a month. UPDATE: I have a total of 4 books read and I am working on my 5th. I am not sure how many she has done because she is away at my Grandparents. I am excited because I have not been able to read that many books so quick since high school.

My second challenge was to finish 2 different Library Reading Challenges. My city library goal is to read 10 hours and my county library goal is to read 30 hours. UPDATE: I have finished my city library goal and I am up to 21 hours on my county. I am SUPER excited about all of this because I feel accomplished doing something that I love… reading.

My last challenge, and probably the hardest, is to get a list of 21 items don’t before I start school in the fall. UPDATE: So far I have 5 done on the list. Some of them include getting pictures up on the wall, organizing ALL the pictures on my computers so I can find certain ones easily and completing an updated bills list so I am not struggling to keep track of them each week. There are MANY more still to do but I am sure that I can do it.

If I get this all done by the time I go back to school then I get to get my hair done the way I want, while still keeping it professional. If I can get all my challenges complete then I know I can take on another challenge, I am not sure what it will be at this time. Maybe it will be to further expand my business of Pampered Chef, or maybe to lose weight again so I can feel good about looking in the mirror or wearing clothes that I want. I never know until I get there. So if I can achieve all my goals for this summer then that would be great cause then I will have proved to myself that I can do it.

Well that is it for now. I am hoping I can come back here in a couple weeks and have as great a report as this one. Until then….ME!

Summer Goals

I have been on my summer vacation for little of a week now. And I have been completely lost without homework. Sure it has been nice to lazy around the house all day or spend hours playing with Monster… but I am a mom who LOVES her “to do” list just as much as she loves her coffee.

Every summer my oldest and I do a reading challenge, it is my way of getting her engaged in books and friendly competition. We see who can read the most books during the summer, and whoever wins get something. This year she wants a new PS4 game and I want to go a month without having to do towel laundry. So we are both equally motivated.

On top of that I am doing a few reading challenges through my local libraries, hitting many shelves with one book. But I feel like that is not enough, as much as I love reading I know there are a TON of things that need to be done around the house that I never have time to do during school. So it got me to thinking… how am I going to get it all done before school?

Then it hit me, I can challenge myself. I have a list of 21 items that I want to get done either around the house or for myself. They all range from sewing a hole in Monsters pillow to getting a military binder done that is ten years in the making. But what is my time frame?

Well that was easy, I need to have it ALL done by the time Fall quarter starts in mid September. Then I had to figure out my reward… what did I want for getting it all done? Aside from the satisfaction I have been wanting to get my hair dyed again. So here it is in a nutshell…

If I get all 21 items done on my list by September 19th then I will treat myself to getting my hair done. I want to get it ded burgundy with black, blonde and purple highlights, all while keeping it looking professional. I am so excited. My start date was June 6th, the day I was done with classes, and my end date is September 19th. So far I have 2 items done. Hopefully I can keep you updated on how I am doing on my list. But please wish me luck because since Monster is in toddler swim lessons I can actually get my hair done without worrying about the water ruining it, and with my new business kicking off I can save the money to pay for it myself. Wish me luck…I am going to need it.


My Beautiful Life

I know everyone says they have a beautiful life. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So with that being said… I have a BEAUTIFUL life. Things aren’t perfect but they work for us. We have our ups and downs and that is fine, as long as we get up together.  But this is more than just my husband, this is everything about my life. The fact that we can afford for me to go to school and still have one income, so that I can get a job that I will love (one that will bring in cash).  My children are totally different from one another but yet complete each other.  My husband is a hardworking man who will help any friend in need if he can.  We have a house that I only dreamed about for years. We have family who support us and love us. I couldn’t ask for more at this point in my life.

Going back to school was something I have always wanted to do, talked about it for years. Couldn’t do it cause this that or the other thing was in the way. And I have always been determined to do it without pulling any student loans out. About a year ago though I had this dream about what I really wanted to do with my life, outside the family that is. So I sat down and talked to my husband about it and that is when the road to getting a degree started. It has been bumpy, lots of nights where I am up way after everyone goes to bed to study. But I have made it. I am about half way through school and I have a year and a half before I am where I want to be in order to get a job. But I am doing it, I am doing it with the support of my husband and my kids and the rest of our family. It has truly been a blessing to be able to go to school and still be a wife and mother.

During the duration I have been going to school my kids have grown like weeds. Our oldest is in middle school and is a full blown teenager. Some days I am not sure which one of us is going to survive, but ultimately I know things will be fine. And at one point in her life she will look back and feel that she turned out fine in the end.  Our middle child has blossomed into this honest, kind hearted kid with a ton of energy. Which at times makes it hard to deal with her or totally understand where she is coming from. Because she looks at life different then we do, which makes it hard for her to make friends, but since starting middle school she has done amazing. Getting great grades and all her teachers have great things to say about her. Now the Monster on the other hand, is probably having the time of his life. He growing so much that he trips over himself, which can make walking a little hard at times.  He is still in swim and doing so great that come fall he will be ready to move up to the next class.  And it is super hard to believe that he will be three this summer, which means he is closer to being in school. He is learning every day, talking better every day, and making me life every day. It is such a blessing to be able to be a stay at home mom and watch him… every day.

This all is because my husband is a great father.  He loves to have fun with his kids and watch them grow just as much as I do.  And it is nice seeing him afraid of what might come as the kids get older, just means I am not the only one afraid.  On top of being a great father he is a great worker. He works so much and so hard that when he has down time it is nice to see him relax.  And he goes up and beyond his job title to make sure the customers are happy.  Then he comes home and helps the neighbors and helps his family.  He is goofy and has AMAZING blue eyes, he truly is my partner, even though there are times I am sure I will die of stress or anxiety he calms me down in his weird little way.  And sure there are times when we can’t stand to be around each other but we always come back, neither of us stray. We get over our stubbornness and talk it out, and by the end we are laughing because we argued over the dumbest thing. He truly is my partner in life.

Without him I don’t think I would be where I am today, and it sure as heck would have taken a lot longer to get here. I am currently writing from my front porch, three months ago I couldn’t say that. Every day I walk through the house and pick things up, most of the time the items aren’t mine. I am not fighting a horde of dogs to get anywhere and my Monster is running through the house… all the time. This house is truly an answer to our prayers. In this house my kids have been able to grow into their own personalities. Monster can have his own room and loves it, is telling his sisters they can’t come in all the time.  He is even sleeping in a big boy bed, something he couldn’t do at our old place.  Our family has become stronger since being here and I thank GOD every day for it, and I appreciate it.

We have come a long way in the last two years. I am going to school; the girls are both in middle school. Monster is growing rapidly and I can’t seem to keep up. My husband went from a crappy job to a great job that pays better and gives him better hours. We have bought as house that allows are kids to be who they want to be and we have A LOT more space. I thank GOD every day for the life I have, and without my little family… well I am not sure where I would be today.  They have turned my life around, which makes me feel and say that I have a beautiful life.

Life as We Know it…

With the ending of another quarter at school I have not had the luxury of finishing a book. So, instead of a review on a book I am going to give you guys a small update and hope that I can give a review next week.

Life has not been going to bad. Kids are still healthy, husband is always hurting himself but is too stubborn to go in to get seen. I am doing pretty good. Getting nervous because the quarter is ending and I have finals this week. All on the same day… but hey that just mean they are all done on the same day as well… right?

On top of the quarter ending my husband is working on vehicles. Currently we are up to our cars in my driveway that don’t run at 100%. I am slightly irritated about this. More irritated that he won’t work on my vehicle, even though I have all the parts for it and they have been in the back of the Jeepster for over a month. But hey, the Jeepster still runs and I guess it can wait a little while longer.

The house is all unpack (minus the girls’ room), just need to make sure everything is in its place then we can hang pictures and put out knick knacks. Need to get that all done this week because we have our housewarming party this Saturday. So time is going to go quickly this week. It is super crucial that I stay focused and get stuff done instead of dragging my feet. I am determined to have this week be uber productive. That way next week I can just relax with my Monster at home cause neither one of us will have classes next week.

Speaking of which, Monster is still doing amazing in his class. I didn’t need to suit up last week and I won’t need to this week either. So I literally get to sit on the bleachers and read a book while he is in swim class. I am so excited for him and he has come such a long way. Come September he will be in the classes with bigger kids and that will be interesting to see how it goes with a different teacher. But I am not going to worry about it until that day comes.

So life has kind of mellowed out. The oldest is grounded, the youngest is beginning potty training, the husband and I are doing great. Life is pretty good. Well, that is my update. This week my plan is to get back on track for blogging, so keep a look out for my College Mom post for tomorrow. Until then…. ME!