Love and Adoration

As I sit at my computer contemplating what my first blog entry should be I can hear the soft sound of my sons Slumber Buddy going, as to attempt to get my son to fall asleep, and I realize I should write about him. Or more my love and adoration for such a small little person. Whom can’t walk yet. The joy in his face when he sees me in the morning is overwhelming. I could say that is reminds me of warm summer nights and sunsets blah blah blah but really each morning it warms my heart. Each morning it is different. It is a new day to do and learn something.

He has a wonderful aura about him. Sure he can be cranky at times but he is always curious about things around him, as I’m sure most babies are. But with him it feels different. From the time he could hold his head up he didn’t want to face me in the harness and he certainly didn’t want to face someone’s shoulder when being held. He always had to be pointed outward so he could see everything around him. Lord help me when he actually learns how to walk, then I will defiantly be on an adventure then.

My love for him is endless. I waited to have him for years (though being 24 I guess that it isn’t that long) but a lot of girls in my class had kids really early in life and I had other things to go through before I knew I was ready. But when the time finally came I was so happy. Words could not describe how happy I was, until the day he was born. After 6 grueling days of labor and I finally got to hold my little one. He was mine (and my husbands of course), I had produced this. Nine months of nurturing him and protecting him was over and I could finally have him. My husband and I had this joke that he was my little baby doll, and once I had all the accessories I just needed that doll. Well I got him, and I would not trade him for the world.

So as I sit here listening to him fall asleep (hopefully that is what the lack of sound is), I can’t help but just feel in awe of the fact that I have a kid. A joyous, bouncy little boy… who has learned to say momma at just 6 months.

A Moment to Spare

She walked into the kitchen. Not really knowing what she wanted, or even if she wanted anything at all.  Glancing around she noticed that the dishes needed to be done and it was dinner time.  Maybe she came in here to start supper?  Her memory has not been the same since having the baby.

Deciding that is why she went into the kitchen, she set to work figuring out what to make.  After choosing something simple, pasta with corn mixed in and a side of potatoes, she got busy. She placed a pot of water with a little oil in it, to make sure the noodles didn’t stick to each other, on the stove.  While she waited for it to boil she started to load the dishwasher.

By the time it was loaded the water was boiling, so she added to noodles.  Then it was time to make the sauce. Which was her own little recipe.  One jar of pasta sauce, one can of tomato soup with a little garlic and a couple of seasonings she always depended on.  Lastly, she would add the corn, put it on low and let it warm up.  Once that was going she had a moment to relax.

That is when the day dream would begin, like it always did when she had a moment to spare.  Although, each time the dream would varied a little bit.  This time, it was simple.  She dreamed of standing at a stove, in a place of their own.  Her daughter sitting at the kitchen table doing her homework.

Her baby boy in the middle of the kitchen floor playing with his toys and goobering on them.  Saying mamma over and over again just so she would turn around, then he would smile at her and laugh.  She smiles at him and then turns back to the stove.

The sauce is done so she moves that to a different burner.  And just as the noodles are getting done her husband comes home.  He walks through the door, the bark of the dog announcing his arrival.  As he makes his way to the kitchen she is taking the pot and pouring the contents into a strainer.

He wraps his arms around her as she is making sure the noodles didn’t stick together.  She thinks to herself how happy she is.  That is when she is pulled out of her day dream because her youngest step daughter come into the kitchen looking for a glass of water.  Coming back to reality she strains the noodles, adds the sauce then sets it aside to cool off.  Next she makes the potatoes. With dinner being ready she sends her daughter upstairs to let everyone know it is time to eat.

Getting her plate together she keeps that day dream in the front of her mind.  Adding it to the rest, that way she can revisit them anytime she has a moment to spare.

A Cold Fall Sunday

OK so I wrote this about two years ago but I really like it

I wake early in the morning with the sun peaking through my window.  As I get ready for my day I enjoy the chirping of the birds outside
It doesn’t take long for the cold to chill my fingers and nose when I step outside
On my way to work the sun is slowly beginning to rise, shinning its rays on closed shops and dark houses
When I arrive the cold is quickly melted away from my body as I work quickly to get things done
I step outside to take a break and my breath is taken away
The sun has finally risen to its peak
Warming the roads so the frost melts, shining on stores that are beginning to open as people awake from their beds to start their day
As I walk inside I think to myself “wow, maybe the world can be peaceful for once on a cold fall Sunday.”


I have very few friends in this world.  They have all come and gone like waves in the ocean.  But a few have stuck around, through everything they are still here for me and with me.  One in particular I was not sure we would stay friends.  We went to Army training together, though we didn’t arrive together we certainly found each other.  We started out as roommates (along with two other females, whom we both still talk to), then we found that we had a lot in common and decided to band together to endure the eight weeks we were going to be there.

It was a lot of fun, we went to movies together, attempted to highlight each others hair ( I am pretty sure she ended up on top of that one).  We sat there and listened to each others fears, excitements and longings in life.  Then came time to graduate.  She lives in the Mid West and I live in the Northwest, there are at least two states between us.

Here it is five years later and we still talk.  Not as much as before but that is because we have both grown.  We both have families and kids to take care of.  She works and I am a stay at home mom.  But when ever we need an ear, or an opinion or anything we don’t hesitate to answer the call.  So I have very few friends, and they have all come and gone but I am certain that this one will stay.  Hey if it wasn’t for her support I probably wouldn’t have started this blog.  So thank you.